Fees and services with Marshall HR Management are flexible based on your unique needs and how they align with “What We Offer.”  Seeking someone to be your offsite Human Resources Director? Need to conduct a professional search? Coach a leader? Align performance with your company’s strategy? We offer retained monthly, bi-annual and yearly subscriptions, in addition to project-driven rates and percentage fees for talent search. Explain your request under the “free consultation” tab.


Organizational Culture, Strategy & Change

Marshall HR Management dedicates itself to working with clients to create and implement leadership and organizational improvement solutions. These solutions can be individual Leadership Assimilation processes, working with the leader and their team, or embarking on a discussion with the organization’s leadership about its culture, strategy and short and long-term vision.

Your Needs:

  • You need to move in a different direction, you need to understand who you are as a company, what you’re doing and where you’re going. You just acquired another company and you need to align everyone with your company’s culture and core values.
  • We are in an age of great change. Companies are streamlining their workforces and industries are being eliminated or replaced. Jobs once considered “secure” are being eliminated and your company needs to remain competitive by changing the way it used to do things or is compelled to embark in a new direction.
  • At this very moment in your organization you have someone who is struggling and challenged as a leader of others. Either they have not assimilated well or the team has not adjusted to them. You have a particular division, department head or team who work hard to deliver results with a lot of effort but are not succeeding. You have people around you who are full of potential but not doing as much as they could be doing to make a difference and contribution, or you have departments that are not cooperating with another and “out of synch” with the company’s direction and ability to deliver measurable results.


HR Processes & Systems Assessment

Marshall HR Management’s team of professionals will review your HR documents and processes to identify opportunity areas and potential problems that require attention. Perhaps you have employment practices, policies, employee handbooks, or record-keeping that is not where it should be. We will give you specific, actionable recommendations for what needs to change and where to start.

Your Needs:

You have no idea about your company’s exposure to governmental regulations, labor or employment law. You do not track or adequately measure your Human Resources performance. You are not strategic, you “survive” for the moment and react to employee related issues. You have little to no HR or payroll processes, practices, or systems in place. You need to upgrade how your Human Resources function, services and benefits are viewed within the organization. Your Employee Handbook, HR Policy & Procedures Manual, and job descriptions are dated and out of compliance.

  • Do you know where your company stands regarding record keeping and its obligation as an employer? Are you concerned about being audited by a government agency for workplace compliance and practices regarding the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) and IRS employee classifications, FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) and employee leave, IRCA (Immigration Reform and Control Act) and 1-9 verifications?
  • Do you have competitive compensation and bonus structures to attract the best talent? How do you manage and document disciplinary actions in the workplace? What tools do you use to measure and evaluate performance and pay raises? Is your employee benefits and services package outdated, non-competitive or leaving money on the table?


Executive and Professional Talent Search

The team at Marshall HR Management are accomplished, experienced and tested professionals. We have worked in a variety of industries in both publicly-traded and privately-held companies. This “hands-on” experience on the client side of the equation is vital in asking the right questions and identifying talent that best fits the needs of your company and its unique culture.

Your Needs:

  • You simply don’t have the time and manpower to review thousands of resumes, reach out to people, set up interviews and coordinate schedules. You don’t know exactly what to ask, how to ask it and make sure you’re not posing questions that could potentially get you in trouble with the law. You have a poor track record, have hired the wrong people, trained them and have had to start all over.
  • Finding the right talent is challenging and time-consuming. The need for high-performing executives and managers remains constant even in an age of operating in the “employment cloud”. You need help assessing an executive or professional level manager’s ability to be successful in a specific role or with a certain business which requires a thorough understanding of different industries and functional roles.


Personal & Executive Coaching

Marshall HR Management will work with individuals or a team to align personal career development with organizational strategy. We will help you and your leaders develop increased levels of confidence, personal power, focus and direction. We will deliver these results and feedback with a level of trust, gifted intuition, useful tools, approachable strategies, respect and light-heartedness.

Your Needs:

  • You have someone on the team that is really smart, able to get great results, but is hard-nosed and uncooperative. You have tried to teach this manager how to lead and “let go” but they want to control everyone on the team and do everything themselves. Your Executive Team is not aligned and they are using their power to command and not working toward a common goal.
  • Everyone needs a coach, ask those most successful. Can you or anyone on your team benefit from any one or most of these: Increased leadership capacity? A deepening self-awareness? Building stronger relationship skills? Clarifying goals and values?
  • Do you have a Human Resources leader who is new or struggling? We can serve as a personal coach or mentor. We will guide and coach your HR leader by providing clear objectives and supporting their ability to achieve your company’s expectations and maintain momentum.


On-Call HR Services

You can contract with Marshall HR Management on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis to oversee your current situation and prepare for your future needs. We offer a number of options and solutions to ensure your HR Services are being attended to and taken care of in a timely and professional manner.

Your Needs:

  • You’re getting overwhelmed with complaints and phone calls to “mediate this or investigate that” with your employees, you know it’s important but you don’t have the time. Human Resources is imperative, but you can’t afford to invest in the daily support.
  • You just want someone you can trust to reach out to so you are guided toward more informative and wise decisions. You’re in transition with your HR department. You need someone to “fill the gaps” until you figure out what you want to do.
  • In Human Resources, a phone call can change the course of your day. Someone anonymously calls and claims they’ve been sexually harassed. New employees are beginning their first day with your company and there is no one there to explain your company’s values, expectations, new hire paperwork and benefits programs… they are frustrated and you’re overwhelmed. You need to define and explain how do they get paid, when and how will their performance be reviewed, define who can explain the bonus program and what the difference is between copay and coinsurance.
  • Someone, somewhere in your company is answering these questions. Is it you? Is it someone who you rely upon but are not quite confident? Are you doing it yourself but should be delegating it to someone else… that “someone else” that doesn’t exist? Or that someone else you don’t quite trust so you end up doing it? Are you investing countless hours researching for answers and getting back to others on their daily personal and employment requests when you could be working on something else?


Leadership Training, Workshops & Retreats

Marshall HR Management and its many business alliances offer a variety of customized classes, seminars, workshops, and retreats designed to enhance your leadership skills and personal effectiveness. Here are some of the Leadership Training & Enrichment Workshops we offer:

  • Speak English Clearly & Confidently (Accent Reduction/Pronunciation, Speech Coaching, Presentation Skills)
  • Human Resources Compliance Training (Sexual Harassment, FMLA, FLSA, etc.)
  • Custom Corporate Retreats (Mindfulness, Yoga, Teambuilding, Business Strategy & Solutions)
  • Interviewing and Hiring Tools: Strategies & Techniques
  • Developing an Internal Talent Pipeline: Methods & Metrics
  • Understanding My Company’s Vision, Mission & Values — What Do I Offer? What do my clients need?
  • Defining Metrics, Encouraging, and Evaluating Performance
  • Managing Workplace Diversity & Inclusion
  • Developing Useful HR Metrics and Practical Business Tools
  • Encouraging Others to Meet & Exceed Expectations
  • DISC Leadership Style & Team Building Methods
  • Employment Law and The Protected Classes


Depending on the partnership you establish with Marshall HR Management, some of the training and workshops are included with your paid subscription, while others are offered as “stand alone” learning opportunities offered at competitive value per participant.  Could you benefit from a more informed associate, a more aware professional, and a more accountable colleague? Sign up for a class today or engage us to be a part of your ongoing training curriculum.

Your Needs:

  • You have so many laws, regulations, company policies, changing priorities, new technologies, and people issues to contend with… how can you stay on top of it all? You have limited time to get information to your people, what can you do to make sure they are receiving relevant guidance in a timely manner? You’re growing so fast and promoting people before they’re ready, how can you improve their effectiveness?  You don’t have a dedicated source to train your people, where can they gain the necessary knowledge or skills?
  • Feedback is the “breakfast of champions” and training keeps the mind curious. It offers greater awareness and a chance to make a choice… to do nothing, to do something, or to make a major change. Can you benefit from a good refresher on how to coach your people and build a high-performing team? Are you a little rusty on your interviewing and hiring techniques? How well do you understand your company’s policies and practices, the law and governmental requirements? Do you know your obligation and legal exposure when you are in a position to supervise or manage others?
  • Everyday you are challenged with an issue, challenge, or unique situation that compels you to think about what you should do ethically, what you need to do legally, what you are required to do organizationally (according to company policy), and what you are inclined to do morally. This is not only a matter of judgment, it’s a position of being informed and educated on what’s expected and what’s required.


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